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Finding Success with SVOD in Health & Fitness

Finding Success with SVOD in Health & Fitness


Successful businesses are always looking for ways to grow, scale, increase margins, and diversify their revenue streams. In today’s digital world, most video content owners could benefit from having a subscription video on demand (SVOD) offering. One segment that has the most to gain from  subscription video products are companies in the health and fitness space. Fitness coaches and trainers are uniquely poised to deliver video content on an ongoing basis via a subscription model in a way that not only adds more value to customers, but helps strengthen and scale their businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why an SVOD offering is just good business for health and fitness companies:

  1. Reach more people

    By taking advantage of the power of SVOD, yoga instructors, basketball coaches, and everyone in between are no longer limited by the number of classes they can teach or how many people will fit in a gym. Coaches and trainers can enjoy a global customer base and deliver their same great content anytime, anywhere, on demand.
  2. Earn more from the membership model

    Here’s an area where health and fitness companies may have a particular advantage with SVOD over other businesses. Health and fitness customers are used to paying high prices for gym memberships on a monthly, recurring basis. By implementing an SVOD offering, content owners can build on the business model their customers are already comfortable with, and deliver great content to supplement, or in addition to their current gym memberships at an affordable price.
  3. Diversify your revenue stream

    A holistic approach to health and fitness considers what customers are doing both in and outside of the gym. If you’re a weight-lifting expert, why let the barbells have all the fun? The key to toning and bullking up could lend itself to complementary digital product that insrtuctors can offer alongside their digital videos. Think nutrition tips, inspirational weight loss photos, motivational podcasts and more. Having a subscription video offering with complementary digital assets is a great way to diversify the revenue stream for your business.
  4. Build your brand

    In the health and fitness industry, many businesses find that their success relies heavily on the strength of a personal brand. Since it’s impossible for anyone to physically be in more than one place at a time, digital video is a great way for experts to virtually duplicate themselves. By productizing their expertise, the success of a fitness expert is no longer limited by how many classes they can teach. They can build their brand and drive global demand through offering video on demand products, again and again, subscription style.  
  5. Enjoy higher margins

    Physical gyms and brick and mortar workout centers can ben expensive to run. Whether or not these businesses are able to fill the classes, overhead stays the same. With video on demand products, health and fitness professionals can create a video once, relatively inexpensively and sell it an unlimited number of times. That results in some pretty great margins! Set up those videos as a subscription offering and commit to rolling out new content on an ongoing basis, and content owners can create a steady, high margin revenue stream with high customer lifetime value.

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