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Beyond Video – Growing Your Business with Digital Assets

Beyond Video – Growing Your Business with Digital Assets


By now you have developed a library of great video content that you’re ready and eager to sell. Did you know that there is a goldmine of digital assets beyond your video content just waiting to be unleashed? In fact, simply by repurposing your existing video content, you can create additional digital assets that can play a major role in your online video business. Allow us to explain.

Leverage Existing Content to Create Valuable Digital Assets
Creating great video content is just the first step. Once you’ve built up a video inventory, the opportunities are virtually endless. Here’s a list of great ways you can leverage and repurpose your great videos into other valuable digital assets that will build your product portfolio and boost your bottom line.

Blog Posts Tease your great, paid video content through compelling and informative blog posts.

Best of” Compilations – Why not repurpose and repackage your videos into a bundled offering containing your most popular content?

Video Trailers – Give the social media world a glimpse of who you are and what you do with abbreviated versions of your videos.

PDFs This can take many forms, but offer something of value and it can be used as a lead generation tool or a complement to your product.

Checklists – What do viewers need in order to enjoy your videos? If you’re sharing workouts, for example, they may need sneakers, water, weights, a towel... checklists that accompany products can be highly effective.

Podcasts – You’ve already got the audio, consider repurposing instructional sound bites into podcast or audio files that you can sell separately.

Ebooks Great as lead generation tools, ebooks can be an introduction to your market, and help people understand why they might need your product.

Instructional How Tos – Step by step instruction presented in a list format can be useful alongside a video training.

Images – Consider using video still frames for images to help support your marketing efforts.

Infographics – People love information displayed in a visually pleasing way, and useful and beautifully designed infographics can go viral.

Interviews/Case Studies/Reviews Great feedback from customers who love your videos can help boost the effectiveness of your sales page.

Product Comparisons – Side by side comparisons of your product versus a competitor’s can help prospects understand why yours is the best choice.

Quizzes – People love quizzes, and the best quizzes have a competitive element that make people want to show off their score (how many countries have you visited?).

Lists Lists are content displayed in an easily digestible and organized format. 101 workouts to try this year, 10 secrets of video marketing… there is no limit to the topic options or the power of a good list.

White Papers – These can be used as lead captures in a professional setting, and are often very informative and a more formal digital asset.

FAQs Search your email inbox for all customer questions you’ve answered over time, and compile them into an FAQ to post on your website. Not only will this help you reduce customer service time, but will help prospective buyers feel more comfortable too.

And this is the short list! Can you think of others?

How to use other digital content in your marketing efforts
Now that you have a better idea of all of the new digital assets you can create simply by using the video content you have as a foundation, what do you do with all of this great stuff? Digital content of all forms can serve as great marketing tools as well as ways to further monetize your products.

Take video trailers for example. Some teaser video content shared via social media might be just the ticket to whet a viewer’s appetite and get them eagerly clicking for more.  Additionally, a checklist, PDF or audio file that compliments your videos may add value to your product offering allowing you to charge more.

Further, whitepapers and ebooks can serve as excellent lead capture material, while a simple product review or case study may help increase your conversions at checkout. Finally, the best digital business owners are those who are in constant communication with their customers and prospects. But what about those days when you just can’t come up with anything to say? Simply create one of the digital assets above and share with your list. When you offer great content that your audience values, you will reap  the rewards in profits.