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Package Digital Products to Deliver the Most Value

Package Digital Products to Deliver the Most Value


With Intelivideo, monetizing your content has never been easier, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be sure you are providing an excellent value proposition – packaging digital products could be your key to success.

Intelivideo provides a platform for you to sell more than just videos – you can also feature content such as eBooks, PDFs and audio. Bundle different products into one package and in the process attract more clients and provide great value. Whatever your digital content, there are great ways to supplement it with additional products.

Bundling Packages to Make your Product More Attractive

We all love good value when it comes to buying products. Getting something for free is always an incentive to buy something, and the same applies to your content. Your added extras don’t have to be as polished as your core product, just something of interest that your audience will enjoy or find valuable.

Adding Extras to your eBooks

Let’s say you sell eBooks online. Fiction, non-fiction, romance, instructional books - you name it, there is always a great way to package it with additional content to entice customers. Perhaps you could provide audio versions of your book. You could also provide rough drafts of chapters or alternate endings.

If you sell instructional content, why not add some downloadable PDFs with infographics, checklists and listicals as bonus features? Think about adding a mentoring session for all customers if you sell educational material. The only limit is your imagination because whatever you can think of, you can bundle with your core product to build an irresistible package.

Adding Extras to your Videos

Do you create independent film? How about a director’s cut? Perhaps alternate endings? Maybe even interviews with the director and actors. Do you sell comedic video content? Then think about including outtakes. You may have discarded them, but for your audience they may be hilarious. Give something your target audience can’t refuse and remember that it may be easy and straightforward to create, but your fans will love you for it.

Adding Extras to Your Audio Files

Are you releasing an album or want to reinvigorate interest in a previous release? Then add something special. Consider a video of unseen live footage or a lesson on how to play one of your songs. Your fans will love it and it is an easy way to spark interest in your product.

Helping you to Add Value and Increase your Sales

As with any product or service, you must always add value to the customer. If you make your client base feel like they’re getting a good deal or special access, they will not only return to you time and time again, but will refer your content to others. It can be easy to create extra content and yet it goes a long way in enhancing your customers’ experience and enjoyment.